​​Bring your pet to Sharon's pet Boarding and go to work guilt free! Worried your dog does not get enough play time? Your problem is solved! With a maximum of only 4 pets a day, your furry friend will not be overwhelmed by twenty different dogs, and they will be socialized with three other play mates! Sharon's boarding includes two thirty minute walks, lunch time, play time, and snacks! This is all provided for a low price of $25 a night! Day care is $15!

        Our schedule includes


 7 A.M. - 8 A.M.

wakey wakey! It's time to wake up and enjoy some breakfast! Your pet may also meet new pets that are checked in! 

8.AM- 11 A.M 

It's time for a walk! Your pet will be walked for 30-60 minutes for no extra fee! Pet's get individual walks unless requested otherwise.

11 A.M.- 11:30 A.M.

Time to have a snack! snacks and treats are given (only if the pet has no allergies) and any medicines or special needs your dog requires are given!

11:30 A.M - 1 P.M

Time for your pet to rest! Your pet will have a busy morning! Its important they get a chance to rest.

1 P.M- 3 P.M

Afternoon play time! Your pet will be socilized with other animals, (unless requested otherwise) and get lot's of playtime with humans and toys!

3 P.M - 4 P.M.

It's dinner time for those who are staying, and time to unwind for those who are getting picked up! 

4 P.M- 6 P.M 

Time for us to say Goodbye to our furry friends that are not boarding! Pups that are boarding get more time to play before they go to sleep! 

6 P.M - 7 A.M. 

Nighty Night! Our friends are given a cot and a room to get some rest before more play time in the morning! 


We accept cash and Paypal only! 

We can come to you! 

Your pet's safety is our number one priority! 

Don't feel comfortable having your dog away from home all day? No problem! Here at Sharon's Pet boarding we offer pet checkins for $20 a visit! we make sure your pet has food, water, and lots of love and attention! just fill out a pet sitting application  and let us know what service you need! 

If you can't drop your pet off, we can pick up and drop off for an additional $10!